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Originally Posted by bvaughn View Post
Has anyone done a sprocket change on their fz6......I have ordered a one down or 15teeth for the front and will install when it arrives...will I need to go up in the rear sprocket to notice a diff....also was wondering if I will have to get a new chain......
The wear on your chain would be what determines the need for replacment.... (ask, if you don't know how to check) Going 'down' one tooth on the front, would give you a slight increase in slack; the OEM length would absorb that with no difficulty.

Just so we're clear, the engine won't make any more power regardless of what you do to the final drive gearing. You will simply change the RPM it takes to go a given speed. Dropping a tooth at the front, and adding two at the back is said to alter the RPM higher by around 14%. That would mean that where you were riding around at 5000 RPM would now take ~5525 RPM to go the same speed.

This becomes desireable, when you make the 'step' in power, around 7K. If you can get to the 'bump' more easily, you can do the hooligan stuff a bit more easily.
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