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Hud won't display, bike won't start

Hi all!
Been riding my fz6 2006 for about 30k miles now and love it.

It had a couple issues when I got it used (was dropped hard) where the emergency shut off would jitter, so i replaced it and haven't had a problem since. Just replaced the tail light last week and everything seemed fine (has led box and led blinkers as well) until yesterday when I was riding to work and it just shut off. No engine no HUD.

I tried turning the e switch off and on again but nothing happened so i got it towed.
At home I checked fuses (main near the battery and the box on the rear) and all are good
If I turn the key to start the tail lights and blinkers work fine, but the display doesn't turn on and the bike won't crank.

I tried using my jumper battery (which displays a voltage of 15.7) but hud still doesn't turn on with it connected.

Any ideas? I'm thinking i may have to go to a real mechanic if i can't think of anything else....
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