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Anne Lane
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Radiator picker

Since my Dad told me I need to take care that no more than 5% of the radiator 'fins' are crushed or bent or clogged, I went to work trying to clean my radiator.
Rushing water doesn't work very well, and wastes ALOT of water. Even the softest brush was too hard on those very tender soft-metal fins.
So, I found a 2 inch sewing needle that works perfectly!
Takes a bit of time to individually straighten the fins, and pick out the bug parts and pebbles and stems, but the grill looks beautiful in the end, and you know your engine is getting the air it needs!

Hope this helps somebody.....I will be looking to see if anybody has discovered a good way to keep the chain lube from getting all over the tire when I spray the chain every weekend. Seems I have tried every angle! Am I going to have to break down and actually COVER the tire with something?

Little bit lazy,
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