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Bandit 600 vs FZ6R

my racing bud bought an older model 600 Bandit , a 97 model , I believe... He tells me to keep the FZ6R, and ride with him. He's finally getting it on the road legally,this week. Has anyone had any experience with this model ? Is it a "semi-naked" Katana ?
My bud only paid $1USD ,for his Bandit. It is a clean,low mileage bike. He has serviced/resealed the fork, and installed a new Dunlop front tire. I already know he can wax me on the track, but I don't want to be embarassed on any road jaunts. Of course, we would always ride responsibly on public roadways. Actually, I don't have the same desire to ride on the street, since I started vintage roadracing. It's much SAFER on the racetrackPlus, we wouldn't want to be classified as part of the 140MPH homeboy-street-racer-gangsters ... someone buy this blue 09 FZ6R w 29 miles on it, and it won't be an issue. $5K/BO It looks better than a Bandit !
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