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focuson offroad

I still focus on dirtbike, and even offroad racing. I feel it is a good way to continue to introduce folks to motorcycling. A good way to safely teach someone to ride,use the clutch, braking,slide control,etc. I also feel, the industry should continue to develope 2 stroke technology , to minimize emissions, and KEEP OPERATING COSTS LOW ! Adding 4 strokes to MX, was a BAD idea, IMO. What dad wants to spend $1500 for junior's engine rebuild , as opposed to $700. for his YZ85 ? Who can afford it ? Maybe that's some of the reason starting gates are thinning down ... and maybe fuel costs, but I ain't goin into politics ...I'm certain it plays a part ...Yamaha doesn't still sell RT100s ,or DT200s do they ? In the US ? We need to impeach the EPA ! Direct injection is the answer ...and straighten out the AMA racing classification, so 250s all run together... etc.Nuke Honda's relationship w AMA too , while we're at it...politics everywhere, because of money/greed ! PFFFTT ! Libs !
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