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Had an SV650S will I be disappointed with a FZ6?

I had an SV650S and loved it until a driver cut me off and I laid it down. It ended up being totaled so I have to get another bike. I've called around looking for another sv650s but noone seems to have any or they're outrageously priced and that's the only reason they're still available. I've started to look at the Yamaha FZ6 and I have enough with the insurance check to go out and get the FZ6 right now - and I've found one at a really good price. I've heard mixed reviews about the FZ6 so I'm kinda uneasy about buying one. I mostly drive on the highways 55+ and I like the upright riding position better on the FZ but I'm still unsure. I've only had the SV for a few months so I'm still a beginner so I want to make sure the FZ6 would be a good bike for me to get or I don't know if I would be disappointed coming off the SV650S....
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